A digital strategy acts as a wireframe - a plan, if you will - which details exactly what can be expected from your digital departments and what goals are expected to be achieved. A unified digital strategy ensures that all your departments work towards a specific set of goals. With email open rates on mobile having increased 180% and with 67% of consumers enquiring through social media, our team will always ensure that your business doesn’t miss any opportunity.
We keep digital strategy simple. No rambling presentations or impossible pie-in-the-sky scenarios, just data-led, actionable strategies with a defined roadmap to deliver results.
Ruslan Azimov
Strategic insight and expertise should be at the core of every successful digital project. A good strategy help’s eliminate the scatter-gun approach that many organisations have when it comes to their digital assets and ensure decisions aren’t made on the fly simply because of a desire to be using the latest technology, or as a response to an exciting new trend in the market. 

However, in our experience, ‘strategy’ can also be a dirty word. We find many of our clients have been tarnished by expensive digital strategies which include hundreds of slides of extensive research and lofty ambitions, but zero practical ideas or actionable insights. As well as costing a lot, these types of strategies gather dust and date quickly. 

Your digital strategy should be your strongest aspect of your marketing solution; if it’s not, you’re a serious risk of losing your audience to your competitors. Think of it like this – you wouldn’t launch a product without some form of process in place beforehand. Not only is that asking for trouble during the launch, you risk the reputation of your business if the launch doesn’t go to plan.

Voice search is predicted to account for 50% of searches by 2020, making it essential for companies to develop a digital strategy that matches consumers’ changing needs. One wrong decision, and you could see all your hard work to get to the top crumble. Fortunately, we’re here to stop that from happening, and with our digital strategy service, we’re here to help you keep on the up and stay in those all-important top spots on the SERPs!  A strong digital strategy requires every digital department to row in the same direction towards an overall goal. This can often result in masses of data when it comes to trying to choose the right solution for your business. Sorting through all this data and making sense of it enough to implement it into your digital strategy is what we do best.
simple and
At Think Digital, we’re all about making things clear, simple and practical. We leverage best-in-class research and analytics tools to give you data-led, relevant and targeted insights for every campaign or broader program of work. We thoroughly explain the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’, and we provide clear connections between what our research and expertise tells us - and then how you can get there.
The Think Digital difference
Our user-first approach results in compelling, high-quality, digital customer experiences across every touch point.
Simple and clear
Our clear and practical digital strategies ensure you're not left wondering what you just paid for - less is more.
Grounded in data
Our data-driven analysis is overlaid with our own insights and expertise to deliver digital strategies that have solid data as their foundation.
Our strategies are developed to be agile and adaptable. This ensures they remain current to changes in your business, the market, or your customers.
Our strategic process
To develop the best digital strategies, we rely on our proven process which includes several distinct phases: 
Research and
Before defining your digital strategy, we listen, ask, question, challenge, review and absorb everything we can about your business and your customers. The deeper we immerse ourselves, the better our strategic input. We do this through workshops, stakeholder interviews, one-on-one research sessions, data analysis, search analysis, systems analysis and third-party research. 
We then move onto defining your digital strategy, which may include articulating your vision, setting goals and benchmarks, outlining any anticipated challenges and strategic focus areas, outlining your customer personas, writing user stories, channel planning, setting success metrics, and more.
Once the high-level strategy is set, we then define exactly how you can bring your strategy to life. This includes developing things like a customer experience map, which can underpin our future work. 

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