TDK’s lead generation services engage highly motivated prospects and deliver them in real-time. We’re a lead generation company with proven methods that provide you with the best opportunity to nurture fresh leads and create sales, providing lead generation management that rockets your ROI. Inbound leads typically cost businesses 61% less than a strategy only focused on outbound leads, and our SEO, social media and content marketing efforts work together to increase your ROI.   We’re a user-journey focused agency. This means we approach every aspect of the marketing process with the view of enriching your customer’s journey and, in turn, their connection to you. Benefit from lead generation services that locate a high intent audience and feed them the exact content they want.

Our approach as a lead generation agency follows the same formula: attracting, engaging, nurturing and converting – and that’s exactly how we work.   This approach enables us to find high quality leads interested in your brand or product, not duping ambivalent audiences that will only waste your time chasing prospects that don’t convert like other lead generation companies.

1.0 We accurately identify and attract the target user personas while qualifying each lead individually. This guarantees that we drive the right people with high intent to your business – we only focus on quality leads, not volume. We facilitate this connection by driving leads directly into your CRM system or providing the use of our proprietary software.
2.0 There's no wastage, just proactive prospects who want to hear from you without delay. Through a mix of digital marketing techniques such as paid search, social media, and content marketing, we'll secure interest from relevant, highly qualified, pro-active prospects and deliver them directly to your business in real-time.
3.0 We're flexible however you want your leads to convert, whether you are looking to book discovery calls, event registrations or product sales, we'll deliver it. We have more than 15 years of experience in end-to-end tracking of the prospect sales cycle, from specific advertising sources and content placements. Our strategic knowledge, experience, and lead grading ensure we generate a profitable, relevant, and reliable lead supply for your business.
4.0 Your success is crucial to ours, so we'll work alongside you to develop a growth strategy that aligns with your sales outcomes. Quality leads are our priority: if you're not converting sales, you're not buying more leads. We work closely with you to ensure the sales outcomes are what you've asked for, enabling us to grow together.
The leads we generate for you are always 100% exclusive. We don’t base our business model on farming leads out to your competitors.
We’ll target proactive prospects to limit wastage so that you’ll only receive leads who are highly motivated. This increases the likelihood of a sale and avoids you wasting time on leads unlikely to convert.
We place every enquiry through our quality screening and grading process. It’s an approach that ensures you are in touch with the key decision-makers, weeding out irrelevant prospects.
Leads are delivered to you in real-time for the best possible opportunity to make a sale and to increase your ROI. This minimises the risk of a warm lead losing interest.
Easily manage your leads with our bespoke lead management software, which handles lead feedback and dispute resolution.
Get ahead of your competitors with an innovative marketing technique that can improve your conversion rate significantly.

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